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Old Ways Still Work

In the midst of a world that never settles, you must find you own "enough" in order to enjoy any peace.

At this point most of my followers are well acquainted with me and my attachment to the way I was raised. And it is a peculiar line to find and walk.

The intersectionality between being black, being southern, and being an old soul. I am young enough that I have formula fed one, and breast fed three children, and yet still old enough that I have, at some point, made homemade formula with PET milk and Poly-Vi-Sol for all four. I am health conscious enough to politely turn down the pork, but still southern enough to put some buttermilk on that chicken before I fry it. I am "respect your elders" years old and "I am not my ancestors" years young.

And that is ok!

Because although a scroll through any social media would convince you that you are not vegan enough, spiritual enough, healed enough yet, we must dance in the rain!

Because we ARE unique! We must embrace not only our journey, but our own timing as well.

My ancestors need their own veneration, and I strive to always follow the instructions that come from within first before honoring anything outside of myself.

Remember to "give yourself grace" my Loves.

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