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A light in the darkness...

I mean to spark the light inside of you. I hope to be the beacon that guides you to shore...
The lighthouse is usually found in the remote and perilous places. Perched atop dangerous, sea sharpened boulders and all but hanging from isolated cliffs, they persist, shine, and guide ships to safety.
I choose waist beads to convey these guiding messages because of the rich history they possess. Both the strands, and the delicate glass beads that compose them have stories and meaning that is as beautiful as they are meant to make you feel. 

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Lighthouse Herbals

We will be offering homegrown and hand picked herbs and herbal preparations this year!

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Q & A

What are waistbeads?

Waistbeads are a tradition born in Africa and used to symbolize a spectrum of meanings from wealth, to chastity, to marriage status.We use them now to adorn our bodies, to tap into our birthright, to track not only our weight loss, but also also our normal body fluctuations.We use them to set intentions, to make and hold and constantly remind ourselves of the promises we make to Self. They are extensions of us and our own feminine power. There is no right way. Just empowerment to embrace your own. 

What are they made from?

We put our best efforts into sourcing quality glass beads, authentic precious metal charms and thoughtfully selected genuine natural crystals and gemstones for our strands. 
The main components of your strands, seed beads, are as historically relevant and rich as the arranged strands themselves.Seed beads were historically used as currency due to their small size, ease of transporting, and beautiful design and craftsmanship.
So much more than beads and string. 

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Going the Extra Mile

Mindful Tying Ceremony

An immersive tying experience perfect for the first time wearer seeking education or the seasoned, stranded woman looking for additional empowerment.
This experience features a full educational, historical, and spiritual breakdown of the origin and utilization of waist beads and the precious components and priceless energies that compose them.
The client will be guided through identifying what needs to be released and what needs to be embraced, and we will perform a ceremony to honor each of these parts of you. The client will be able to participate in energetically cleansing their strands and shown how to set intentions while tying. 
You should leave this session feeling educated, empowered, and beautifully adorned.
**Any spiritual, religious, or principled beliefs will be respected. This service features the use of herbs and energy work, but may be completely tailored to the client’s comfort in these areas. 
*No limit to amount of strands tied per service.
*When booking in advance for group or vendor events, service must be purchased for EACH individual.

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Simple Strand Installation 

Strand installation and tutorial.This service features tying on of waist beads and client education on self tying. Perfect for repeat clients uncomfortable with installing their own strands, but not needing the full tying ceremony.

No limit to the amount of strands tied per service.
When booking in advance for group or vendor events, must be purchased for EACH individual wanting to be tied.

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Terms and Shipping Policies

Read this!

We have changed the way we list our inventory so that only items in stock and ready to ship are available for purchase on the site! This means shorter fulfillment times and quicker shipping.
Because of the custom nature of waistbeads and the glass beads that are used to make them, no two strands will be identical.While we do our very best to select quality materials, some bead finishes will fade over time and rarely a strand may pop.When our beads fade, we find the beauty in that. The promises that we tied onto ourselves and the new perspectives we gain, the very things that our strands REPRESENT, those do not fade.When a strand pops and it is not at the point of tying, we first consider the purpose of that strand. Was it tied for a particular reason? Protection? Strength? And is no longer needed? Often genuine crystals will depart from our lives when their purposes are served. We do urge you to consider these things, but after doing so, if you feel your case deserves a closer look, or you just want to chat about it, reach out to us for review. 

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